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Millennials are said to have to work a lot harder than those that came before them for very little in return. The way the economy has been going for quite a few years as of late, it's hard to afford much at all for anyone that isn't already set up in a nice career or with a family that's well off. But, if Millennials were paid more, there would be improvements across the board.

People that are a little younger are always going to want to be out and about. They want to go to bars, different stores, and will spend money if they have it. Sometimes the Millennials are known for being broke, lazy, and a number of things that are simply not true. They want to have a good time, spend money, and provide for their families. It's just hard because the economy has tanked so hard in the 2000's and beyond that it's difficult for anyone to get ahead unless they already were in a good position before then.

Of course, there are people that are in this generation that are well off or that exist in the middle class. It's easier to get someone to spend if there are items that they enjoy, like new devices. People of all generations use devices these days, and so if a company can show that they understand what people want then it's not hard to make sales. Even in these troubled times, you can see people all over that are poor with smartphones because it's just something people have to have.

People that have a job are not going to just want to sit around at home all the time. If they don't make enough to do much, then of course they will stay in and not spend much except on what they can do at home. It's smarter for companies to make products and services affordable enough to get people to come out of their houses. Then, there is a much better chance that they will spend more than usual if the options are good enough and they know they're limited.


Helping people that are from this generation to understand why something benefits them can help to sell it, just like with any other type of person. An example is if you're trying to sell a device and you are able to talk about how it will help them in school or to take care of their family better. You have to think about who you're marketing to and why they are likely to care. Nowadays, you can market for cheap online but that doesn't mean you can just try one thing and make it work. Try to build a profile of who you're likely to sell to and that should get you good results.

The effort that people put into what they want to earn is going to be greater than if they don't care much about things. Products, for example, that are cheap are just going to be tossed out so it doesn't matter really to someone and they won't buy it again. You can't get many people to buy one thing that's of poor quality now and then sell them something that's in the same condition later. One review about your company that's bad, and no other people in this age group will buy from you again.

Reputation management is something you have to be into since the younger and middle aged generations are now able to be online 24/7 for cheap. They keep their smartphones on them and can look up what you're selling so you don't get to sell them things that don't work. Even if you can fool a few people that don't care about reviews, word will spread fast. In other words, you can actually make more money if you have better products and you charge a little more as long as they last.

When you don't pay Millennials enough or make them have to work constantly it just causes problems all around. Just because people are working at a job doesn't mean they can afford anything. Most people have to live with someone else these days just to help with the rent!